Necessary items when considering fine dust
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AirPOT Usage

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Major characteristics

No Ozone, No Ultraviolet, No Filter

With state-of-the-art nanocatalyst technology, powerful air purification, minimal natural humidification, strong deodorant, and easy full-volume manipulation and LED moods make your space feel refreshed.

Applied New Technology

Natural Purification System by Light, Wind and Water

Natural air purifiers should be able to decompose and remove harmful substances, not just capture viruses and germs. It should also be possible to break down the first-grade carcinogen, the reactive organic compound (VOC). It should be able to filter out PM2.5 levels as well as even more lethal nanoparticles (0.001㎍/㎡).

Application Cases

Try it at your desk, bedroom, or car.

When you feel stuffy with fine dust, when you smell unpleasant, when you are worried about viruses/diseases, when you are concerned about allergies/house syndrome, when you want to change the stuffy air in your car, when you need indoor humidity control.

product characteristics

Light, Water, Wind

No harmful ozone is generated at all, and can remove fine dust/virus/VOC gas (Vacuum Gas) at once. This is a environmentally friendly air purifier that aims to minimize maintenance costs by not using filters.

smoke removal test

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Comparison with existing products

Comparison of international company such as Samsung and Sharp

The patented technology proves the AirPOT’s best performance through the authorized agency performance test. By comparing the products of large domestic and foreign companies such as Samsung and Sharp, the company has proven its harmful gas removal performance by up to 300%.

product usage

In the house, in the car, and for your children.

The AirPOT, an environmentally friendly air purifier that removes harmful chemicals (ammonia, toluene, etc.), viruses, and fine dust, and produces no ozone. Use it in the house, in the car without worrying about changing filters. Especially if you have a small child, make sure to try it.

제품 구성

미니멀 사이즈, USB 파워

저전력 (DC5V/100㎃) USB Power를 사용하며, 80x80x132㎜ 미니멀 사이즈에 180g 초경량 무게를 자랑합니다. 특허받은 기술로 VOC 가스 제거, 강력한 탈취효과, 미세먼지 제거, 자연가습기능, LED 무드램프 기능을 한번에 갖추고 있습니다.